Review of Tailings Management Guidelines and Recommendations for Improvement (2016)

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Following from the Samarco tailings dam collapse in Brazil in 2015 and the earlier Mount Polley failure in Canada in 2014, ICMM’s members unanimously agreed to respond as an organisation with a commitment to leadership in environmental and safety performance within the mining and metals industry.

The response has been to convene a global review of tailings storage facility standards, guidelines and risk controls. The review has been led by ICMM and has included external experts and member company representatives.

The review focuses on corporate level surface tailings management across the membership, including standards, guidelines and risk controls, governance and emergency preparedness related to the prevention of and response to sudden catastrophic failure of tailings storage facilities.

Golder Associates has been appointed by ICMM to provide expert input into the evaluation of Member Company guideline documentation. Golder Associates has also been tasked with generating recommendations based on the findings of the review.

A review of each of the member company guideline documents and selected national guideline documents and standards has been carried out by designated Golder regional cluster leaders. Download the review for more information.