1. Ethical Business

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Apply ethical business practices and sound systems of corporate governance and transparency to support sustainable development.

Embracing sustainability is a societal expectation and a business imperative. ICMM members apply ethical business practices, supported by sound systems of corporate governance and transparency, to produce sustainable development. Actions that foster good working relationships with host communities and protect the environment.

The performance expectations

Developed with extensive input from NGOs, international organisations and academics, our Mining Principles establish baseline performance expectations for a responsible mining and metals industry. These five requirements define ICMM's ethical business performance expectations of company members.

  • 1.1: Establish systems for legal compliance

    Establish systems to maintain compliance with applicable law.[1]

  • 1.2: Prevent bribery and corruption

    Implement policies and practices to prevent bribery, corruption and to publicly disclose facilitation payments.

  • 1.3: Align policies and standards to ICMM

    Implement policies and standards consistent with the ICMM policy framework.

  • 1.4: Assign accountability for sustainable development at Board/ExCo level

    Assign accountability for sustainability performance at the Board and/or Executive Committee level.

  • 1.5: Disclose financial contributions

    Disclose the value and beneficiaries of financial and in-kind political contributions whether directly or through an intermediary.

About ICMM's Mining Principles

ICMM’s Mining Principles strengthen social and environmental requirements, on issues such as labour rights, resettlement, gender, access to grievance mechanisms, mine closure, pollution and waste. Watch our film to learn more.

1. ICMM’s member companies already comply with all applicable law in the countries that they operate in. However, many stakeholders say they want mining companies to show that they have strong systems that ensure legal compliance.