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ESG Insider — What recycling minerals could mean for biodiversity, energy transition goals

16 December 2022

Mining exploration around the world is picking up as companies seek new deposits of elements like lithium and copper to support the energy transition. Research by S&P Global Sustainable[1] finds there is overlap between existing mines and exploration sites and some of the world’s most important areas for biodiversity.

In this podcast, ESG Insider explores what the mining industry is doing to reduce its impact on nature and local communities — including by recycling minerals.

ICMM CEO Ro Dhawan provides an industry perspective on this topic. He is joined by Brian Menell, Chairman and CEO of private mining investment and operating company TechMet, and Raquel Dominguez, who is the Circular Economy Policy Advocate at Earthworks.


1 - Read S&P Global Sustainable's report titled "Rocks and hard places: The complicated nexus of energy transition minerals and biodiversity" here: https://www.spglobal.com/esg/insights/featured/special-editorial/rocks-and-hard-places-the-complicated-nexus-of-energy-transition-minerals-and-biodiversity