ICMM Accelerates Responsible Mining Agenda on 20-Year Anniversary

ICMM marks 20 years since the Toronto Declaration, which set out the founding principles of the organisation, by recommitting to decisive and principled leadership.


Mining Principles: Performance Expectations

ICMM’s Mining Principles define good practice environmental, social and governance requirements for the mining and metals industry.

Organisational communications

ICMM Members Commit to Consistent Reporting on Social and Economic Contribution

ICMM has published a new Framework which commits members to report against a set of social and economic indicators.


Stakeholder Newsletter: March, 2021

Continuing our journey towards a safe, just and sustainable world.


Stakeholder Newsletter: December 2021

Find out how ICMM is boosting contract transparency.


Transparency of Mineral Revenues: Position Statement

Promoting revenue transparency to enhance governance, combat corruption and foster sustainable growth.

Organisational communications

ICMM makes new commitment on contract transparency and publishes members’ 2020 tax contribution

Members of ICMM have committed to disclose all mineral development contracts granted or entered into from 1 January 2021, wherever they operate, to strengthen mineral resource governance.


Climate Change: Position Statement

Responding to the need for an urgent global response to the threat of climate change, across all areas of society and the economy.

Organisational communications

ICMM makes landmark climate commitment to net zero by 2050 or sooner

Members of ICMM have committed to a goal of net zero scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 or sooner, in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.


Our commitment to a goal of net zero by 2050 or sooner

ICMM members commit to a goal of net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 or sooner in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.


Strong governance is key to improving the socio-economic wellbeing of mining dependent countries, according to new ICMM report

ICMM launches a report that finds that life in Mining Dependent Countries (MDCs) has improved significantly in the last 23 years.


Stakeholder Newsletter: June, 2021

Find out how ICMM is shaping the future of the mining industry.


Tailings storage facilities are with us for the long term, but must be responsibly managed

Discarded waste is a by-product of human existence. It provides archaeological insights into our past, but also practical and ethical dilemmas for our present and future, writes ICMM's Aidan Davy.

Comment & analysis

Global forces shaping the future of mining and how to navigate them

Unpacking the forces influencing the future of the mining industry can help make sense of complexity, writes ICMM's Aidan Davy for the World Economic Forum.

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Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles case study: Glencore Coal Australia fatigue project

This webinar provides an overview of Glencore Coal Australia’s fatigue project development, delivery and operation. And provides a look at their new Operator Awareness Monitoring Centre.

From the field

Equivalency Matters

There are points of difference between all mining-related standards, but the focus on improved ESG practices at the operational level is universal, writes ICMM COO Aidan Davy.

Comment & analysis

Early Adopters Will Help Drive Positive Industry Change

ICMM's Veronica Martinez explains to Peter Appleby, for Mexico Business News, how ICMM is promoting a sustainable and responsible mining industry through the ICSV initiative and Mining Principles.

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Building trust with stakeholders through transparency and consistency in water quality reporting

Going beyond water management to proactive and holistic water stewardship requires a comprehensive understanding of the quality of water being managed at a mine site.

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Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights: Celebrating 20 years of partnership and collaboration to uphold human rights

The principles that underpin the VPs initiative are more relevant today than ever with global events such as COVID-19 having shone a spotlight on the many inequalities and vulnerabilities seen throughout society, writes ICMM's Marcus Addy.

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ICMM launches interactive tool to help mining and metals companies achieve sustainable mine closure

ICMM announces the launch of the Closure Maturity Framework - an interactive tool that will help mining and metals companies to establish their journey to achieving sustainable mine closure.