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Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity

This guide by ICMM and IUCN provides practical tools for managing biodiversity at all stages, from initial exploration to mine closure planning and implementation.


Good Practice Guide: Indigenous Peoples and mining (2nd edition)

This guide provides practical tools and case studies to support mining and metals companies build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples.


Tailings Management: Good practice guide

This guidance is intended to support safe, responsible management of tailings across the global mining industry, with the ultimate goal of eliminating fatalities and catastrophic events.


Adapting the ICMM Tailings Management Good Practice Guide into Training Materials

In May 2021, ICMM published Tailings Management: Good practice guide (the Guide), to provide mining companies with


Launch of Conformance Protocols and ICMM's Tailings Management: Good practice guide

Panellists discuss their connection to and interest in the 'Conformance Protocols: Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management' and ICMM's 'Tailings Management: Good practice guide'.


Mining Principles

ICMM’s Mining Principles define good practice environmental, social and governance requirements for the mining and metals industry.


Good Practice in Emergency Preparedness and Response

This document provides an overview of the Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) for mining and metals companies supported by case study examples.


Good Practice Guidance on Health Impact Assessment

ICMM’s guidance on health impact assessments (HIA) provides companies with a way to understand its impacts and make plans to contribute positively to the health outcomes of their stakeholders.


ICMM's 'Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide' - then and now

ICMM's most recent closure guide balances environmental protection and social wellbeing with financial performance, writes ICMM's closure lead Dawn Brock for AusIMM Bulletin.


Adapting ICMM's 'Integrated Mine Closure: Good practice guide' into training materials

Training materials intended to promote a more integrated outcome and control of closure planning and implementation activities at an operational level.

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