Learn how ICMM is promoting leading environmental and social practices to encourage better industry performance.

Six ways ICMM members are pioneering environmental good practice

As we journey through the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, World Environment Day is an important reminder of how critical healthy ecosystems are for nature to thrive.

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Social and Economic Reporting: Framework and Guidance

Providing a foundation for consistent reporting on a company’s contribution to social and economic development.

Organisational communications Guidance & toolkits

An Inclusive Growth Approach to Promote Community Resilience

An inclusive growth approach encourages mining companies to re-imagine systems, rethink partnerships, unlock capital from under-leveraged sources and unite partners around common objectives.

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Tools for Social Performance

These tools support a greater understanding of what social performance is and the enablers required within organisations to deliver good, consistent social performance.

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An Approach to Contractor Engagement

Encourages a move from ‘service providers’ to a ‘delivery partner’ model for contractor management.

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Considerations for the Adoption of Real-Time Particulate Monitoring

Provides a high-level overview of the considerations for the adoption of real-time particulate monitoring (RTPM) in the mining and metals industry.

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Adapting the ICMM Tailings Management Good Practice Guide into Training Materials

Training materials to build capacity and raise awareness of why tailings management is so important, and to illustrate what good governance and engineering practices look like

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Transparency of Mineral Revenues: Position Statement

Promoting revenue transparency to enhance governance, combat corruption and foster sustainable growth.

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ICMM Members’ Tax Contribution Report: 2020 Update

Detailing the tax and royalties paid by ICMM members over the last eight years.

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External Drivers Shaping the Future of the Mining Industry and Implications for Skills and Community Resilience

Critical external drivers that are outside the industry’s control will affect community resilience and shape how mining operations are developed and managed.

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Mining with principles at Boliden's Aitik mine in Sweden

See how Boliden is using trolley assist technology at its Aitik copper mine in Sweden, as a step towards its vision of fossil fuel-free operations.

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Renewable energy in the South American mining and metals industry

As renewable energy becomes more and more accessible, ICMM members are making significant efforts to power their mines with green energy.

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Mining with principles by restoring degraded areas of the Carajás National Forest in Brazil

ICMM member Vale is restoring degraded areas of the Carajás National Forest and its surrounding areas to re-establish connections between fragments and protect endangered species.

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Climate Change: Position Statement

Responding to the need for an urgent global response to the threat of climate change, across all areas of society and the economy.

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Water Reporting: Good Practice Guide

Supports the sector in compiling simple and relevant information on water to provide a solid foundation for consistent water reporting.

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Mining with principles at Codelco's El Teniente copper mine in Chile

In the world’s largest copper underground mine Codelco is trialling an electric pick-up truck as part of its ambition to have all its underground operations running with electric equipment by 2030.

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Framing Mining’s Future of Work and Community Resilience

Discussions on the future of work often centre on technology but this is not the real skills gap. Instead, it's the gaps in the cognitive skillsets required for distinctly human intelligence.

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Partnering for our Common Future: Optimising Mining’s Partnering Capability to Contribute to Community Resilience and Thriving Societies

This guide aims to support mining companies in strengthening their capability for partnering thereby contributing to communities while creating business value.

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Social Progress in Mining-Dependent Countries: Analysing the Role of Resource Governance in Delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals

ICMM research finds that governance is key to determining socio-economic progress in mining-dependent countries.

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Health and Safety Performance Indicators: Guidance

Lays out the recommended definitions and reporting boundaries for lagging health and safety used in ICMM’s safety performance reports.

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