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Role of Mining in National Economies: Mining Contribution Index (6th Edition)

13 December 2022

ICMM's Mining Contribution Index (MCI) synthesises into a single number – and an associated ranking – the significance of the mining sector’s contribution to national economies. This provides an indication of the relative importance of mining to the economic life of a country.

  • The MCI is designed to improve the understanding of the role of mining in national economies, and illustrate the importance of good mineral resource governance in ensuring that mineral wealth translates into broad-based economic and social progress.

  • This 6th edition of the MCI continues to reinforce the trend that many low and middle-income economies remain dependent on the metals and minerals sector.
  • In comparison to the 5th edition, there are 10 new entrants to the top 25 ranked countries, with Liberia, Mauritania, Tanzania and Tajikistan rising 25 or more places.
  • Ten countries dropped out of the top 25 in this edition due to a range of factors, however, most experienced declining production value and minerals rents as a percentage of GDP.
  • The countries which experienced the most substantial positive changes in export contribution, whereas the opposite was true for those countries that experienced a significant decline in their rank. Most gainers also saw either their production as a percentage of GDP or mineral rent contribution rise.
  • Of the top 10 ranked countries in the 6th edition of the MCI, 8 are implementing countries of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)d to making ​​moderate/meaningful or high/satisfactory progress in improving resource governance through the implementation of the EITI Standard.