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Mining: Partnerships for development – Mapping in-country partnerships

7 July 2010

Large-scale mining and metals projects have the potential to drive significant economic growth and poverty reduction. Their potential contribution is particularly important for low- and medium-income countries. However, enhancing the positive social and economic contribution from mining is not always easy: it depends on sound governance on the part of public sector agencies and, in regions where governance is weak, on proactive collaboration between companies and other stakeholders to help build adequate capacity to generate benefits at community and national levels.

  • This document lays the groundwork for ICMM's Mining Partnerships for Development: Toolkit by highlighting the range of multi-stakeholder partnerships that already exist.
  • It contains a desk-based mapping of partnerships from around the world, in the six priority partnership themes of the Mining: Partnerships for Development initiative:
    • Mining and poverty reduction.
    • Mining and economic development – revenue management.
    • Mining and economic development – regional development planning.
    • Mining and economic development – local content.
    • Mining and social investment.
    • Mining and dispute resolution.
  • The research shows that ICMM members as well as some other companies are already involved in a range of impressive partnerships in many countries; and that significant opportunities exist to spread and deepen this positive practice across a broader range of operations and countries.
  • Importantly, this represents an opportunity not just for the companies concerned, but also for public sector agencies, NGOs and international development agencies that might partner with them.
  • The report was prepared to encourage companies and others to replicate and scale up these partnerships across their operations and across mining regions, in line with ICMM's Mining Partnerships for Development Position Statement to which all ICMM members have committed.