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Understanding Perceptions of Mining: Insights from general public respondents

12 December 2023

The GlobeScan online Radar survey on business and society was conducted across 32 markets in July and August 2023, with customised questions asked for ICMM in 17 markets focusing on what respondents thought about mining in general, not about activities in their country specifically.

  • How people view 'responsibility' will differ from individual to individual, but the research gives a genertal sense of how people feel towards the contribution of mining and metals – be it positive or negative – to economic, environmental or social issues.
  • While the research doesn't directly provide an indicator of trust in the sector, it is nonetheless as good a proxy as any other. 
  • From the research three clear takeaways come through:
    • Poor perceptions of the mining industry remain a persistent challenge for the sector – when it comes to how it is perceived to be fulfilling its responsibilities to society, the sector trails all other sectors tested (including oil and gas) in many countries.
    • While perceptions of the mining industry have eroded due to environmental and social concerns, it is important to note that people have not entirely written off the sector. Improved performance will lead to greater acceptance.
    • The public wants the sector to prioritise addressing nature concerns by implementing stringent environmental safeguards and sustainable practices.