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Towards a Harmonized Approach to Setting Occupational Exposure Limits

31 May 2006

This report summarises the discussions and outcomes from the ‘Towards a Harmonized Approach to Setting Occupational Exposure Limits’ workshop held on 9-11 November 2005.

  • Creating a more consistent approach to setting and implementing OELs will be to the benefit of industry, its workforce and society including governments and proponents of sound health and safety practice.
  • For ICMM to achieve these aims we recognize the need for dialogue and understanding amongst a wide range of stakeholders, companies and territories.
  • To begin the process ICMM convened, in conjunction with the Institute of Environment and Health, an international workshop in November 2005 attended by a limited number of regulatory scientists, academics and industry representatives. 
  • The meeting provided opportunity for reflection on ICMM's aims and generated advice and recommendations for the way forward.