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Principle 7

Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and integrated approaches to land use planning.

Performance expectations

Summary of consultation feedback


Neither explore nor develop new mines in World Heritage Sites (WHS), respect legally designated protected areas, and design and operate any new operations or changes to existing operations to be compatible with the value for which such areas were designated.

Some consultees suggested that the no-go commitment should extend beyond WHS to include other protected areas, KBAs, or special mention of protection for other areas. There were also requests for a stronger definition of ‘respect’, with some proposing this should reference ‘No Net Loss’ or ‘Net Gain’.


Address potential adverse impacts on biodiversity, in particular adverse impacts on Critical Habitat, through applying the mitigation hierarchy, supported by biodiversity action plans for sites with high conservation values.

Several consultees requested a more explicit reference to desired outcomes (eg No Net Loss or Net Gain), especially for natural habitat. Others requested specific emphasis on the ‘avoidance and restoration’ steps of mitigation hierarchy and the need to address impacts on ecosystem services.

Note: PE 7.2 is one of seven PEs that fell below expectations for >25% of respondents.

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