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Principle 2

Integrate sustainable development in corporate strategy and decision-making processes.

Performance expectations

Summary of consultation feedback


Integrate sustainable development principles into corporate strategy and decision-making processes relating to investments and to the design, operation and closure of facilities.

Some consultees suggested stronger language be included than ‘integrate’ and that the principles ‘should underpin the very fabric of good business decision-making’ to result in more positive outcomes.


Promote the adoption of responsible health and safety, environmental, human rights and labour policies and practices by joint venture partners, suppliers and contractors, based on risk.

Some consultees felt that ‘promote is a fairly week aspiration’ and suggested other language such as ‘ensure’, ‘require’ and ‘mandate’. Some requested clarification on (or the removal of) ‘based on risk’ and broadening to include all business partners.

Note: PE 2.2 is one of seven PEs that fell below expectations for >25% of respondents.

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