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Principle 10

Proactively engage key stakeholders on sustainable development challenges and opportunities in an open and transparent manner. Effectively report and independently verify progress and performance.

Performance expectations

Summary of consultation feedback


Identify and engage with key corporate-level external stakeholders on sustainable development issues in an open and transparent manner.

No substantive comments received.


Publicly support the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and compile information on all material payments, at the appropriate levels of government, by country and by project.

Some consultees commented with discrete points.


Report annually on economic, social
and environmental performance at the corporate level using the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Several consultees suggested reporting at the corporate level is insufficient and it should also be done at the project/asset level. Some suggested reporting to GRI is too low a bar as the requirements are not detailed enough. Others expressed concern that GRI reporting is aimed at ‘the wrong people’ and that it should be aimed at local people materially impacted by mines.


Each year, conduct independent assurance of sustainability performance following the ICMM guidance on assuring and verifying membership requirements.

Some consultees suggested that reporting on the assuring and verifying of membership requirements should be public and detailed enough to ‘improve transparency’.

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