Overview of leading indicators for occupational health and safety in mining

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ICMM has released a report providing an overview on leading indicators and how they can be applied for occupational health and safety in the mining industry.

Lagging indicators, which include fatality rates, incident statistics and health problems, have traditionally informed mining risk-management to measure its successes and failures. Leading indicators, however, can be created to produce forward-looking analysis in order to implement effective proactive control measures.

The report offers:

Applying this approach will help a company identify a set of leading indicators. The primary purpose of the overview is to assist companies in order to prevent undesired outcomes, such as loss and harm to people, the environment and/or equipment.

The report does not offer a pre-determined list of indicators or a prescription of the steps that must be followed in each case. These must be carefully tailored to the needs and conditions faced by each company.