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Building a Just Energy Transition — The Role of Mining and Metals in a Global Circular Economy

A WCEF2022 Accelerator Session
World Circular Economy Forum 2022
8 December 2022, 07:00 – 08:15 GMT
Kigali, Rwanda & Online

What does a circular economy look like for mining and metals, and how do we ensure that mineral-rich producing countries are able to benefit from the resources held in their land? Watch ICMM, African Circular Economy Alliance and partners explore this question and more.

Achieving net zero means transitioning from a fossil fuels-based energy system to a metals-based energy system. As we move towards net zero, we need more metals than ever to meet demand for clean energy, mobility, buildings and more. To ensure that the energy transition is a just transition, it is key that the focus of efforts is both on increasing recovery rates of metals from products, as well as ensuring that all primary mining is responsible and benefits people and planet. This Accelerator Session at the World Circular Economy Forum 2022 explores the opportunities and challenges facing the mining and metals sector as we aim to build a truly global circular economy based on the supply of responsibly produced, durable materials into economies optimised for recovery and reuse.


  • Christian Spano, Director of Innovation, ICMM


  • Kimmo Tiilikainen, Director General of Geological Survey of Finland (former Finnish Minister of Environment)
  • Gerald Esambe, Principal Climate Change & Green Growth Officer, African Development Bank
  • Mathilde Legay, Sustainable Innovation Strategist, LGI
  • Paul Kolisnyk, Director, Technical Marketing and Material Stewardship, Teck