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Greening Mining for a Green Energy Transition

14 September 2021
Panel Discussion
UNCTAD Global Commodities Forum
14 September 2021,

At UNCTAD’s Global Commodities Forum, ICMM's Nicky Black discusses the mining industry’s role in the green energy transition and its transformational potential to accelerate progress on the SDGs.

The Global Commodities Forum is a major multi-stakeholder meeting that is convened to discuss pragmatic solutions to perennial problems of the commodity economy.

The fourth session, ‘Greening mining for a green energy transition’ discusses how countries well-endowed in the commodities required by the surge in renewable energy technologies could benefit from energy transition.

Minerals are expected to play an increasingly crucial role in facilitating the implementation of energy transition strategies around the world. However, demand for specific minerals is also expected to rise at rates never seen before exposing the sector of renewable energies to potentially disruptive market tensions.


  • Pascal Laffont, Chief Legal Counsel, International Energy Agency
  • Nicky Black, Director, Social and Economic Development, ICMM
  • Michael Wurmser, Deputy CEO and Founder, Norge Mining