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Response to the Public Consultation on the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act

17 June 2023

We welcome the European Commission’s clear recognition and commitment to responsible mineral supplies, and encourage them to continue to work with industry to ensure any future certification schemes are practicable.

On 16 March 2023 the European Commission published its proposed Critical Raw Materials Act, following a consultative process that ICMM submitted comments to. It is increasingly evident that the transition to a clean energy future will require an expansion of mining, and in order for the transition to be considered just, it is crucial that any mining is done responsibly. 

We therefore welcome the Commission’s clear recognition and commitment to responsible minerals supplies, as well as clear acknowledgement of the challenges that exist in the way new mines are being licensed. 

In our response, we welcome the Commission’s approach to the proposed certification schemes, highlighting the importance of not further complicating the already-complex standards landscape, whilst also calling for clarifications about the implementation timeframe for the scheme. Further comments are provided on the proposed environmental footprint declaration, the need to ensure consistency across the regulatory landscape, and the importance of involving industry throughout the process. 

Our full response can be found here