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Response to the UK Government's Net Zero Review

27 October 2022

Achieving the transition to a clean energy system in a sustainable, equitable, and responsible fashion is one of the greatest challenges modern society is facing.

Ensuring that we meet global climate commitments, whilst also enabling everyone to access the clean energy they require to thrive, will require a global effort and ICMM’s members are working hard to play their part in enabling this transition in a just manner.

Earlier in 2022 the UK government commissioned a review into its Net Zero commitment and how to ensure that it can be delivered in a way that is both pro-business and pro-growth. As part of this review, the government called for evidence from a wide range of stakeholders, and ICMM submitted a response to this consultation.

In our response, ICMM highlighted issues such as the importance of long-term policy planning, the crucial role played by science-based policymaking, developments in decarbonising mining vehicles, and the need to invest in recycling to achieve a truly circular economy.

ICMM’s submission to the consultation can be found here.