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Provide Fair Pay and Working Hours

Mining can transform the lives of employees, their families and communities for the better.

Respecting the rights of workers is a key priority for member companies. ICMM members work to implement best practice policies and processes – in line with international standards as set out by the International Labour Organization – that benefit their workforce.

Employment is one of the most visible economic impacts of mining in a community, and jobs are often eagerly sought by local people. Employment depending directly or indirectly on the project will include jobs with the mining company itself, with on-site and other contractors, with suppliers and with the company’s community social investment initiatives.

The amount of employment will vary through the phases of the mine, from initial exploration through development drilling, engineering site investigations, construction, operations, decommissioning and rehabilitation. It will also vary according to the type of project infrastructure at a specific location. Types of jobs will range from the highly specialised to trades to unskilled labouring. Mining can offer well paid and much needed jobs in regions where there are few other opportunities for economic activity.