Social Performance

Seeking beneficial outcomes for communities and wider society from our activities, engagements, and commitments that affect stakeholders and our relationships with them.

Social performance is the outcome of a company’s engagement, activities and commitments that can directly and indirectly impact stakeholders or affect the quality of its relationships with them. Critical to a mining and metals company’s social performance is how well a company fulfils its commitments, interactions and activities as they relate to local communities. Broader societal aspects include revenue and contract transparency, mineral resource governance, and engagement with partners across the value chain on social risks.

Focus Areas

Community Resilience

Disruptions from climate change, automation, and the footprint of mining are changing communities' ability to benefit from opportunities in and from mining.

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Indigenous Peoples and human rights ought to occupy the highest levels of focus for any industry, particularly one with the impact and reach of ours.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion remain enduring challenges for the mining and metals sector and society at large.