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Critical Control Management – Good Practice Films

24 October 2019

To prevent fatal and catastrophic events from occurring – critical controls must be clearly defined and understood, with clarity as to who is responsible for implementation.

The films below demonstrate the importance of engineered controls, effective maintenance and monitoring of critical controls, to prevent harm.

Health and hygiene

This film demonstrates the critical control management process, as applied to an occupational health and hygiene scenario.  The film demonstrates the importance of controls to prevent exposure to harmful substances.


The Conveyors film provides an example of how critical control management processes can be applied to a significant source of dust generation – the transportation of materials on conveyor belts. 

Welding fumes

This film provides an overview of the risks of welding fumes, and how critical control management can be used to manage the risk. It shows the controls that need to be in place and what makes them 'critical'.