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Verónica Martínez

Senior Manager

Verónica joined ICMM in January 2019 to lead the Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles (ICSV) Programme, which aims to accelerate reduction of emissions of diesel particulate matter (DPM), energy costs and emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). In addition, she supports ICMM’s efforts in climate change.

Verónica has 9 years’ experience working in innovation across energy policy, renewable energy, mining and private public articulation of high-profile initiatives in the energy sector. Prior to joining ICMM, she worked as an Energy Transition Researcher in Codelco Tech, Codelco’s innovation subsidiary. During this role, she developed the company’s Energy Transition Strategy and the Zero Emission Fleet Strategy.

Verónica has a MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and she holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Chile.