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Emma Gagen

Director, Environment


Emma joined ICMM in 2022 as the lead for the mine closure and water work programs. Prior to joining ICMM Emma was lead technical advisor in the Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner where she led the research program on best practice mine rehabilitation.

Before joining government Emma spent 10 years in post-PhD research positions as an environmental microbiologist. Her research has focused on biogeochemical processes, re-forming surface crusts in iron ore areas, addressing topsoil deficits in coal mine rehabilitation and other microbe-mineral interactions that are relevant for biotechnology and environmental sustainability in the mining industry. Emma has lectured in environmental management for mining and has also provided environmental microbiology consulting for the mining and agriculture sectors. 

Emma has a BEnvSc (Hons I) and a PhD in microbial ecology from the University of Queensland, Australia. She is passionate about sustainability in the mining and agriculture sectors.