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Aidan Davy

Chief Operating Officer

Aidan Davy joined ICMM in June 2007. As COO, he is responsible for strategy development and implementation, and provides strategic support across all ICMM’s programmatic work on environmental resilience, social performance, mineral resource governance and innovation. He led the work to develop ICMM’s Mining Principles - which define good practice environmental, social and governance requirements for the mining and metals industry - and is responsible for ICMM’s work on mining standards, sustainability reporting, tailings management, and policy engagement. In past strategy cycles, Aidan led ICMM's work on environmental resilience, social performance, and governance and transparency. 

Aidan has 35 years of cross-sectoral experience on sustainable development issues, working with a range of private, multi-lateral and not-for-profit organizations, including the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC. For the first decade of his career, Aidan primarily worked on environmental issues, within an international consulting company, a multinational manufacturing company and at the World Bank. He then shifted his focus to social responsibility and accountability issues, with a strong emphasis on the mining industry.