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Stakeholder Newsletter: July 2024

8 July 2024

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Maybe you think I talk a lot of cr*p, in which case you’ll agree with people calling me “Toilet Ro(ll)” after my keynote speech at The London Indaba!  

I used the example of toilet roll to explain why telling people minerals are critical is not in itself the answer to changing hearts and minds towards mining. I set out 4 ways that I think have a better chance of working, and please do share your best ideas on this matter with me as it will be an even greater part of ICMM’s work going forward.

Of the many things I’m immensely proud of about mining and ICMM members is that companies who compete in the marketplace collaborate openly on sustainability. This is why Vale sees it as their duty to help others learn the lessons from the Brumadinho tragedy, and why they hosted ICMM members on a recent visit to Brumadinho.

Last month we also launched the TNFD Sector Guidance: Metals and Mining. As a piloting partner to this process, it exemplifies the commitments that ICMM members made earlier this year on contributing to a nature positive future including helping change the economic system to value nature, which is what TNFD strives to do. And because a nature positive future is also a people positive future, check out this photo diary of Danielle Martin’s trip to MMG’s Las Bambas mine in Peru, where she explored how principled mining can foster progress for local communities.

As always, follow all this and more on the ICMM website and give me a shout anytime with thoughts or questions.




Peru: Mining’s contribution to society – a photo diary

I heard the words “Las Bambas” and “life changing” expressed in the same sentence, in the positive, more than once.

Peru has a long and complex history with mining, dating back to the Inca Empire with its reputation for ornamental gold, silver, and copper. ICMM’s Danielle Martin, Haaj Ahmed and Katie Osborne were in Peru to see for themselves the continued contribution of mining and metals to this magnificent country. 

It was a busy trip that included a visit to MMG’s Minera Las Bambas, a keynote speech at the 30th anniversary of SNMPE’s International Mining Symposium, and a very positive human rights practitioner’s workshop. Read Danielle’s photo diary for her insights into the inspiring social progress being made in a challenging context.

Sector guidance to bolster efforts to assess and disclose nature performance

Our sector has an important synergistic association with nature and as a sector we have a great opportunity to be an enabler of positive change bringing together NGO partners, community and regional stakeholders and academic institutions to drive measurable actions on the ground.

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures has published new sector guidance for the mining and metals industry to help companies better identify, assess, manage and disclose nature-related issues.

As TNFD’s official piloting partner for the mining and metals sector we welcome the guidance as a vital tool for catalysing action towards a nature positive future. It will be invaluable in helping mining and metals companies to implement TNFD’s wider framework and to manage the nuances that are unique to the sector.

The transparent disclosure of nature-related performance is a requirement of ICMM’s nature commitments published in January 2024. These commitments establish a five-point plan for nature that crosscuts direct operations, value chains, landscapes and systems transformations towards a nature-positive future. Learn more about the new TNFD Sector Guidance: Metals and Mining here

What will it take to truly change hearts and minds towards mining?

Ro opened day two of The London Indaba challenging the audience to think about why previous attempts to change mining's image haven't worked and what can be done differently. 

This is a problem not just for us as the mining and metals industry, but for the world at large because we won’t grow mining at the pace and scale needed without earning and sustaining society’s trust. Ro shared four ideas for what we can collectively do about it: 

  1. Consolidate standards and drive their uptake.  

  1. Create “I didn’t expect that from mining” moments and deliver on our commitments.  

  1. Spark curiosity in people about how the world works.  

  1. As a sector we need to acknowledge our legacy and work towards remedying past harm.  

Read Ro's speech in full here


Connect With Us

IOM3 Global Mineral Professionals Alliance Annual Summit
London, UK • 10 July

Ro will join Anglo American CEO Duncan Wanblad at the IOM3 Global Minerals Professionals Alliance to talk about the future challenges facing our industry mining. Find out more here.

MIT Global Summit on Mine Tailings Innovation
Massachusetts, US • 19–20 September 2024

As demand for critical minerals and metals continues to grow, so does the need for effective tailings waste management.

MIT’s first Global Summit on Mine Tailings Innovation, being held in collaboration with ICMM, aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and actionable solutions for tailings. The conference is important forum for multi-level cooperation, and will gather together industry leaders, academics, and regulators to accelerate the development of solutions to Re-use, Reduce and Re-imagine mine tailings.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Helaina Matza, Acting Special Coordinator for the Partnership on Global Infrastructure Investment (PGI) at the U.S. Department of State

  • Bruno Pelli, Global Technical Services Director of Mining at Vale, S.A.

  • Jaidev Prasad, Chief Advisor for Next Generation Processing at Rio Tinto

Additional information can be found here.

FT Live Mining Summit
London, UK • 26 - 27 September

The demand for critical minerals has escalated as governments race to secure the raw materials required for the energy transition. This surge in demand has created a monumental change within the industry, bringing new opportunities for miners but also concerns about where supply will come from. Ro Dhawan will be addressing these issues at FT Live’s Mining Summit on mining’s social license to operate. Find out more here.