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ICMM supports Paris Peace Forum’s call to action for a responsible critical minerals sector

12 November 2022

Paris, France – Today, Rohitesh Dhawan, President & CEO of ICMM joined global leaders in signing the Paris Peace Forum’s call to action on the responsible sourcing and production of critical minerals.

Through their use in clean energy technologies, electric cars, and battery storage, critical minerals have an essential role to play in the energy transition. With demand for these resources set to increase significantly in the next decade, ICMM members and the wider mining industry have a clear role to play in working collectively with international organisations, governments, and other industries to support the energy transition through responsibly produced minerals.

The transition to a low-carbon energy system represents one of the largest challenges that humanity has faced, and there is no doubt that it requires the global community to work together to ensure that this transition is fair, just and sustainable. Critical minerals are the backbone of the energy transition, but how we source and produce them is just as important as how much we need.

“We are walking on a tightrope between an exponential increase in demand for these minerals, rising geopolitical tensions and urgent action on global issues such as climate change – making the Paris Peace Forum’s call to action very timely. ICMM strongly supports the priorities of the call to action, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with my fellow signatories on making the urgent progress needed.

This call to action sets out the collective priorities for signatories who are represented across the mining value chain. The priorities identified include strengthening the international standards on responsible extraction, fostering cooperation within and between States, raising awareness of the role of critical minerals in the energy transition to policy makers and the public, making the best use of minerals already in circulation and reducing emissions linked to them, and unlocking the finance needed to promote innovation. This closely aligns with the ambitions of ICMM’s strategy and the ethos of ICMM’s Mining Principles.


Notes to Editor

Members of the ICMM team will be taking part in the Paris Peace Forum today, and you can view the call to action here

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