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Stakeholder Newsletter: November, 2022

4 November 2022

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I’m writing to you fresh from ICMM’s first Responsible Mining Leadership Forum, where leaders from across our membership came together to hear from influential voices on mining’s vital role in enabling a ‘Just Transition’. I was inspired by the spirit of open and honest dialogue that has been a feature of our discussions based on an environment of psychological safety that we have tried to create.

It was the first time we have been able to meet at such a scale since before the pandemic. As well as being an opportunity to see some familiar faces after such a long time, it has underlined in my mind the power of collaboration, which is at the heart of ICMM’s purpose.

Among my many takeaways from the Forum is that we are most effective when we work collaboratively, rather than as individual companies or sectors, to solve systemic challenges. Members may work in different countries, and focus on different commodities, each with their own challenges and priorities, but when we come together as one we can make a real difference for people and the planet.

If we want to avoid extinction of elephants in nature, we need to first get rid of elephants in the room.

This week has given me renewed hope and confidence that our industry can supply the metals and minerals critical to the low carbon economy, while protecting and enhancing nature and social value to communities. But doing so requires that we learn from past mistakes and be willing to fundamentally change entrenched systems.

If we don’t actively work to include women and minorities, the system will unintentionally exclude them.

I look forward to taking these messages to COP27, where ICMM has the privilege of attending. ICMM will be joining many of our stakeholders in Sharm El Sheikh to discuss, in a very open way, where we are on our sustainability journey and the challenges that still remain. We have taken many positive steps since we launched our climate commitment last year, but we know that more needs to be done, particularly in supporting communities as part of the just transition.

Our full list of engagements is available below, but I’d like to draw your attention to the Blue Zone event that we are hosting in partnership with the government of Democratic Republic of the Congo, EITI and NRGI on why good resource governance and collaboration matter for a just transition.

Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Iván Arriagada, CEO of Antofagasta PLC, has been appointed as our Chair of Council, succeeding Richard Adkerson, Chairman and CEO of Freeport-McMoRan.

I am very pleased to welcome Iván – we are united in fulfilling ICMM’s commitment to produce the metals and minerals that are critical to the energy transition and sustainable development as responsibly as possible. I would like to thank Richard for his leadership and valuable contribution to ICMM and our wider industry. His tenure has seen the achievement of significant milestones including our landmark climate change commitment. I look forward to continuing this journey with the benefit of Iván’s vast industry experience.

I always treasure your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.




Mining and metals are critical to tackling the climate emergency. A year on from the announcement of our own climate commitment, to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner, ICMM will be joining Heads of State, ministers and negotiators, climate activists, civil society representatives and business leaders to share learnings and update on what actions our industry can (and is) taking in support of global efforts to urgently reduce emissions and build resilience. Our full list of engagements is available below:

COP27 side event: International Chamber of Commerce Roundtable
Virtual• 9 November, 16:00-17:00 (GMT)

ICMM Director of Innovation Christian Spano is taking part in this COP27 side event, discussing how a virtuous cycle of climate-smart and responsible mining pathways can effectively help support a just energy transition. Register here.

COP27 side event: 2022 Sustainable Innovation Forum
Climate Action Innovation Zone, Sharm El Sheik • 10 November, 09:25 - 10:05, and 11:20 - 12:00 (EET)

Ro Dhawan is taking part in two sessions at this COP27 side event. First, he will be joining a panel to discuss whether business is taking nature and biodiversity seriously. During this session Ro, and other speakers, will be given the opportunity to consider the value of business models that enrich and regenerate nature on land and at sea to enhance climate adaptation and mitigation efforts. Second, Ro will be joining Anthony Lea, CEO of the International Copper Association, for a conversation on the future of low carbon mining.

As a Climate Action Innovation Partner, we have 10 free VIP passes available for members. This is first come, first served and anyone after this will be able to take advantage of a 25% discount. Register here or email rcooper@climateaction.org.

COP27 Blue Zone event: Empowering communities for a just transition
IRENA Pavilion, Blue Zone at COP27, Sharm El Sheik • 11 November, 15:00 - 16:30 (EET)

Christian Spano is speaking on a panel co-hosted by Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and moderated by Bady Baldé, Deputy Executive Director (EITI), in the COP27 Blue Zone.

This event will bring together representatives from community-based organisations and civil society groups, as well as senior private sector executives, to explore what the energy transition means for communities living near renewable energy and extractive industries projects, and how to ensure their voices are heard in the global climate change debate. This is an in person event at COP27 without online broadcasting.

COP27 Blue Zone event: Mission Critical: Mining governance for a just energy transition
Osiris Room, side event area, Blue Zone at COP27, Sharm El Sheik • 12 November, 18:30 (EET)

The theme of COP27 is ‘delivering for people and planet’. This is at the heart of ICMM’s Mining Principles – and of efforts to enable a just transition to a low carbon economy. The deployment of low-carbon technologies rely heavily on minerals. This makes the mining sector critical in the fight against climate change. Christian Spano will join this official Blue Zone side event, hosted by the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in partnership with ICMM, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), to explore why good resource governance and collaboration matter for a just transition.

ICMM members present at COP are welcome to attend this event in person in the Osiris Room in the Blue Zone. All Blue Zone side events will be streamed on the COP27 Side Event Stream of the UNFCCC YouTube channel.

Up-Coming Events

Resourcing Tomorrow by Mines and Money
Business Design Centre, London • 29 November, 09:00 - 09:20 (GMT)

Ro Dhawan, ICMM Chief Operating Officer Aidan Davy and Christian Spano will be joining speakers from around the world to discuss the energy transition, ESG, decarbonisation and the circular economy in London for Mines and Money. Ro will be providing a keynote address on why resourcing tomorrow matters to all of us and not just the mining industry, while Aidan and Christian will be joining panels to discuss what can be done to provide greater clarity and consolidation in ESG Standards, and embracing the circular economy. Register here.

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