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Stakeholder Newsletter: June, 2022

15 June 2022

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Today is an important day for ICMM. I hope you noticed something a little different about my email – yes! You got it - we have a new visual identity. I’ve been open with you about the changes we’ve made recently towards delivering an ever-more ambitious strategy on responsible mining, and our new brand is designed to capture that evolution.

The reason we have launched it today is that the ICMM team and many of our members and stakeholders are currently in Toronto, where, 20 years ago, ICMM adopted the Toronto Declaration - the process which set out the founding principles of ICMM. So, I believe there is no better time to reaffirm our values, set out our new agenda for ambitious collective action, and signal to you all through our updated identity, ICMM’s continued evolution. We are steadfast in leading through collaboration to harness the power of our industry to support the transition to a net-zero economy, to drive social progress, and build a safe, just and sustainable world enabled by responsibly produced minerals and metals.

Logos are designed to show what an organisation does and stands for. Our new logo recalls the element symbol for Earth, our work within it, our fundamental respect for it, and its value to our collective future. It symbolises collaboration and working in unison to achieve more (you got all that too, from looking at it, right?).

As well as looking forward to shaping how the mining industry rises to the challenges of the future, the 20-year anniversary of the Toronto Declaration is an important time of reflection.

I am proud of our members, stakeholders, and my predecessors in taking collective action on key sustainability challenges, including the commitment not to mine or explore in World Heritage sites, development of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, and the recent landmark climate commitment of net zero by 2050 or sooner (scope 1 and 2 GHG).

When looking at ICMM’s timeline of milestones over the past 20 years, I feel energised by the power of collective action to drive transformative change in our industry and wider society.

Today is also the inaugural International Women in Mining Day. And I am pleased to announce that ICMM has adopted several updates to our Mining Principles which significantly raise standards on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). We must be honest and accept that our industry has not yet managed to build diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces - these important updates are a step in that direction. They reinforce the role of DEI to sustainable development, adding actions to eliminate all forms of harassment and unfair discrimination from our workplaces, proactive steps to achieve gender equality and the unincumbered participation of all peoples, and cementing the importance of psychological safety alongside physical health and safety in our efforts to achieve zero harm.

And we will not stop here. ICMM will continue to work together and with external stakeholders to eliminate all forms of bullying, harassment and unfair discrimination from our workplaces and societies.

You can find out more about our new strategy, anniversary and commitments on DEI here.


Up-Coming Events

Move: Mobility Re-Imagined
ExCel London, UK • 16 June, 14:05 - 15:00 (BST)

ICMM’s Circular Economy Lead Bryony Clear Hill will be talking about how we can reimagine mining models to minimise waste, and how to create a circular car. Register here.

Publish What You Pay Global Assembly
Virtual • 29 June, 14:00 - 15:30 (BST)

ICMM’s Governance Lead Sophie Donszelmann will be sharing experiences and challenges one year on from the implementation of the EITI standard as part of the roundtable discussion on ‘Contract Transparency: Lesson Learned & Future Prospects’. Register here.

8th International Conference on Tailings Management
Virtual • 8 July, 14:30 - 15:00 (BST)

ICMM supports its members in achieving the fastest and widest adoption and implementation of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). ICMM’s Chief Operating Officer Aidan Davy will be delivering a keynote speech at the conference outlining members' progress towards implementing GISTM. Register here.

Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2022
San Diego, USA • 28-29 September

ICMM’s Director of Innovation Christian Spano will discuss how supply chain collaboration, such as ICMM’s Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles initiative, can lead the hard to abate sectors through the next frontier of climate action. Learn more and register here.

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