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ICMM welcomes the Aluminum Association and Society of Mining Professors as new association members

10 November 2022

London, UK – ICMM announces the Aluminum Association and Society of Mining Professors (SOMP) as new association members.

The Aluminum Association

The Aluminum Association is the leading voice for aluminium production in North America, representing more than 120 companies across the full value chain. The organisation is focused on advocating for policies and developing global standards and research to promote the responsible and sustainable production, use, and recycling of aluminium.  

The Society of Mining Professors (SOMP)  

Representing the global academic mining community, the Society of Mining Professors (SOMP) was formed to promote mining engineering as an engineering discipline and provide a central voice to facilitate information exchange and foster collaboration and innovation in research, contributing to the sustainable supply of metals and minerals for society. 

We are delighted to welcome both SOMP and the Aluminum Association as association members of ICMM. Association members share and contribute invaluable industry expertise, specific commodity, or national level knowledge, towards our shared vision of a safe, just and sustainable world enabled by responsibly produced minerals and metals. By working together, we hope to achieve a positive impact on our wider industry that enhance the contribution of mining and metals to sustainable development. I am looking forward to working closely with both organisations.

As the leading voice for US aluminum, the Aluminum Association is working on multiple fronts to drive the sustainable production and use of aluminum. We look forward to sharing our experiences and working with ICMM and its members on global public policy issues impacting the mining and metals industry.

The Society of Mining Professors (SOMP), /Societät der Bergbaukunde, is a vibrant global Society, with members in 49 countries and presence in all continents, that is committed to the future of the mining and minerals disciplines and the responsible resourcing for mankind. The Society looks forward to collaborating with ICMM and contributing to ICMM’s Mining Principles through education, research and public service.

SOMP and the Aluminum Association join 26 companies and 37 national, regional and commodity associations who form the ICMM membership.


Notes to Editor

About ICMM

ICMM stands for mining with principles. We bring together a third of the global metals and mining industry, along with key partners to drive leadership, action and innovation for sustainable development, ultimately delivering a positive contribution to society. Through collaboration, ICMM member companies set the standard for responsibly produced minerals and metals in a safe, just and sustainable world.

About SOMP

The Society of Mining Professors brings together the global academic community who are focused on mining and mining-related activity. The purpose of the Society is to promote Mining Engineering as an engineering discipline, and to facilitate information exchange, research, and teaching collaboration and other collaborative activities among its members. It is a volunteer non-profit academic organisation, which as the end of 2021, had membership which included 289 academics representing 120 institutions in 49 countries across all continents.

About The Aluminum Association  

The Aluminum Association represents aluminium production and jobs in the United States, ranging from primary production to value added products to recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry. The association is the industry’s leading voice, representing companies that make 70 per cent of the aluminium and aluminium products shipped in North America. The association develops global standards, business intelligence, sustainability research and industry expertise for member companies, policymakers and the general public. The aluminium industry helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products, including more fuel-efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings and modern electronics. In the US, the aluminium industry supports $176 billion in economic activity and more than 634,000 jobs.  

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