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ICMM publishes Spanish edition of guidance on handling and resolving local-level community concerns and grievances

10 December 2020

London, UK – On Human Rights Day, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), is publishing the Spanish language edition of its guidance 'Handling and Resolving Local Level Concerns and Grievances: Human Rights in the Mining and Metals Sector'.  

Of ICMM’s 27 company members, 20 operate in Spanish speaking countries making this a vital tool for members and other industry stakeholders who operate in these regions. ICMM will share this guidance with the wider industry through its national association members operating in Peru, Chile, Columbia, Argentina and Ecuador. 

The guidance includes the eight effectiveness criteria for operational-level grievance mechanisms as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the international standard for business and human rights. It also shares guidance on how mining and metals companies should design effective mechanisms to systematically handle and resolve community concerns or grievances and provides practical tools to support companies with implementation. ICMM first published the guidance in English in 2009 and it was subsequently updated in 2019, before being translated into Spanish this year.

ICMM company members recognise the importance of undertaking meaningful stakeholder engagement and commit to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights through its Mining Principles. ICMM promotes good practice on social performance by producing tools for the wider industry, one aspect of this being the development of this guidance document.

As part of Human Rights Day, ICMM’s Dr Nicky Black will be discussing the guidance today during the second Meeting of the Signatory countries of the Escazú Agreement. The meeting is being hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and you can watch the session here.

Nicky Black, Director, Social and Economic Development Programme at ICMM said “Demonstrating accountability and transparency is fundamental to successful and meaningful interactions with local communities. Having effective grievance mechanisms in place is a critical way of doing this. It helps to diffuse potential problems, build, and maintain trust with local communities and provides a channel for resolving any issues before they escalate. The English edition is already being effectively used by our members and others in the sector.  I am pleased to share the Spanish edition of this important resource, especially on Human Rights Day and ahead of my participation on ECLAC’s panel today. I hope the Spanish edition will be an equally useful tool for the companies who operate in Spanish speaking countries.”


Notes to Editor

The second Meeting of the Signatory countries of the Escazú Agreement panel session is being held today at 10:30am Chile time (1:30pm in London) and you can watch the session here.

The English edition of the ‘Handling and Resolving Local Level Concerns & Grievances: Human rights in the mining and metals sector’ is available here.

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