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Stakeholder Newsletter: April, 2019

30 April 2019

The start of the year has been overshadowed by the catastrophic collapse of a tailings dam near Brumadinho in Brazil. In response, ICMM’s 27 CEOs agreed to launch an independent tailings review to establish an international standard for tailings storage facilities by the end of the year.

As you will see in this newsletter, ICMM published a new guide on integrated mine closure which was well received at its launch at Mining Indaba. It focuses on social as well as environmental issues and highlights the importance of planning early for closure.
Over the coming months, we will also publish an update to our good practice guidance on handling and resolving local-level concerns and grievances.
And finally, I encourage you to take a look at our Annual Report 2018, which outlines our progress against our mission in 2018.

Tom Butler


Tailings storage review launched

In collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and Principles for Responsible Investment, ICMM is co-convening an independent review on tailings storage facilities. Set up in response to the Brumadinho tragedy in Brazil, the review will be informed by evidence and lessons from mine tailings dam failures.

The review, which will be chaired by Professor Bruno Oberle and supported by a multi-stakeholder advisory panel, will establish an international standard for tailings storage facilities by the end of the year. The standard will become an ICMM company member commitment and the co-convening partners will encourage others to join in advocating for it to be accepted more broadly.

Responsible Mine Closures Ensure a Sustainable Environment and Economy

Over the next decade many mines across the globe face closure making it an increasing priority for the industry, government and communities. The social and economic benefits of closing a mine are usually significant and underline the importance of early preparation. Recognising this, in February 2019 ICMM published an update to its Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide.

The guide is available to mining companies and regulators, and contains a range of tools that can assist in making well-considered decisions when planning for and closing a mine.

Making a Positive Contribution to Sustainable Development

Metals and minerals are essential to almost every aspect of life. And they will arguably become more important by helping to deliver pathways to a greener, safer and more sustainable future. In collaboration with academic researchers, we have published a new website that explores how metals and minerals are helping to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more here.

Connect with ICMM

In the coming months, ICMM will be participating in a range of forums alongside government, civil society, business, academia, the investor community and the wider mining industry.
Congreso Nacional de Minería 2019, Cartagena, Columbia, 8–10 May

Our CEO Tom Butler will discuss global trends and issues and the implications for the mining industry at the Columbian Mining Congress. He will also join the panel discussion: The Constructive Dialogue, What unites us.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Global Metals, Mining and Steel Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 14–16 May

Tom Butler will join the panel: Value Through Virtue: Can Ethical Consumers Influence the Conduct of Mining and Metals Companies with investors and industry leaders.

Watch for more details on our participation at the EITI Global Conference, Paris, France, 18–19 June and IFC Sustainability Exchange, Dakar, Senegal, 18–19 June.

A Year in Review

ICMM is pleased to share our Annual Report, 2018. The review explores ICMM's role in raising the social and environmental performance of member companies, and explains how the mining and metals industry can make a positive contribution to sustainable development.