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ICMM welcomes EPMF as new member

6 June 2016

ICMM is pleased to welcome the European Precious Metals Federation (EPMF) as a new association member. 

The EPMF represents the European precious metals industry covering a wide array of materials including jewellery, gold coins, industrial components and chemicals.

ICMM CEO Tom Butler said that the addition of EPMF would strengthen representation of the European metals sector within ICMM.

“ICMM’s role is to raise the environmental and social performance of the mining and metals industry. We believe that EPMF has a significant contribution to make in this area. Of particular value is their work to identify the balance of benefits and impacts of materials and ensure safe use over their life cycle,” he said.

EPMF Secretary-General France Capon said that “ICMM membership is a new step in the development of EPMF activities which will allow us to develop activities at the international level with strong EU relevance. We look forward to collaborating with ICMM and contributing to the development of improved policy and practice globally.”