Upcoming Events

Listings of forthcoming events that ICMM will be attending.

2023 EITI Global Conference

Join the ICMM team at the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative's (EITI) global conference in Dakar, Senegal to discuss resource transparency and a more accountable and open resource sector.


Innovation Zero

Join ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan at Innovation Zero to discuss decarbonising the automotive supply chain through cleaner energy, enhanced manufacturing processes and materials innovation.


CIM 2023: Building Trust to Decarbonise the World

Join ICMM's Dr Emma Gagen at the Canadian Institute of Mining's (CIM) annual conference as she discusses innovation and an integrated approach in water management for mining operations.


Water in Mining Global Summit

ICMM's Dr Emma Gagen will be in Toronto for the Water in Mining Global Summit discussing the role of mining in achieving a nature-positive future.


The Economist: 8th Annual Sustainability Week - Empowering Businesses to Accelerate Action on Sustainability

Join CEO Rohitesh Dhawan in the critical discussion on how can the heavy-emitting sectors get a handle on emissions reduction at The Economist's 8th Annual Sustainability Week.


FT Future of the Car Summit 2023

Join ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan for an interesting discussion at the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit on whether automakers can 'shock proof' their supply chains. 


The Most Valuable Commodity is Trust: Keynote Speech to BMO Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference

Speaking at BMO’s 32nd annual Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference, ICMM's Rohitesh Dhawan argues that the most valuable commodity today is trust, rather than something that can be pulled out of the ground.

Comment & analysis Events Presentations

COP15: The United Nations Biodiversity Conference

ICMM will be in Montreal for the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 discussing how we can implement a broad-based action to bring about a transformation in society’s relationship with biodiversity.