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What Does a Circular Economy Look Like… With Multiple Circles?

With metals and minerals being core ingredients of all clean energy technologies, WEF predicts that we will need around 3 billion tons of metal to attain net zero by 2050.

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Sustainability Uncovered Podcast: Circular Business Models, Climate Finance Evolutions and edie’s 25th Birthday

ICMM'sw Christian Spano joins the edie podcast team to discuss how we can work together to harness the social, economic and environmental benefits of the transition to a circular economy.

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World Water Day 2023: Seven Ways ICMM Members Are Taking Action on Sustainable Water Management

On World Water Day, Closure and Water Manager Emma Gagen writes about the role of mining and metals in managing the world’s water sustainably.

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ICMM Works Towards ‘Nature-Positive’ Mining

ICMM's Hayley Zipp is interviewed by Leah Shelene Asaram for Mining Weekly on how members have committed to pursue continual improvement in environmental performance. ↗

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The Most Valuable Commodity is Trust: Keynote Speech to BMO Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference

Speaking at BMO’s 32nd annual Global Metals, Mining & Critical Minerals Conference, ICMM's Rohitesh Dhawan argues that the most valuable commodity today is trust, rather than something that can be pulled out of the ground.

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We Need More Honest Conversations About Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Mining

ICMM CEO Ro Dhawan shares his reflections on the conversation he led at Mining Indaba on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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ICMM Comment — A Response to the Australian Government's Critical Minerals Strategy

In our response to the Austrailian Government, we encouraged work with partners and allies to create a global policy environment for critical minerals ensuring high social and environmental standards.

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ICMM Comment — A Response to IGF-ATAF's Future of Resource Taxation Project

In our response to IGF-ATAF, we encouraged ideas that create the conditions for successful and responsible mining operations that can generate shared value for host communities, regions and nations.

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ESG Insider — What Recycling Minerals Could Mean for Biodiversity, Energy Transition Goals

ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan joins the ESG Insider podcast to explore what the mining industry is doing to reduce its impact on nature and local communities — including by recycling minerals. 

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Achieving a Just Transition: Human Rights, Justice, and Equity

People and human rights must be placed at the heart of the 'just transition' to a low carbon economy, writes ICMM's Marcus Addy on this year's Human Rights Day.

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The Role of Mining and Metals in Accelerating a Truly Circular Economy

In the run up to the World Circular Economy Forum 2022, Christian Spano, Director of Innovation, writes on the role of mining and metals in accelerating a truly circular economy.

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Is COP15 in Your Diary?

ICMM's Ro Dhawan publishes an open letter to world leaders ahead of COP15.

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ICMM Comment — A Response to the European Commission’s Proposed Critical Raw Materials Act

In our response to the European Commission's proposed Critical Raw Materials Act, we highlight that enshrining high ESG standards into any critical minerals policy is fundamental to success.

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ICMM Comment — A Response to the UK Government's Net Zero Review

Achieving the transition to a clean energy system in a sustainable, equitable, and responsible fashion is one of the greatest challenges modern society is facing.

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The Private Sector Can (and Should) Lead the Way on Nature-Positive

Nature has been collateral damage in the growth of the global economy in the past few decades, writes Rohitesh Dhawan, CEO, ICMM for IUCN's 'Crosswords' blog. ↗

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'Zero Harm' is the Only Acceptable Target

Zero harm must be the tangible and measurable objective, not just a lofty hope, writes Rohitesh Dhawan, ICMM, CEO for Mining Journal Intelligence's 'Global Leadership Report, 2022 Edition'.

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ICMM Comment — A Response to the Canadian Government's Critical Minerals Review

Ensuring that critical minerals are mined responsibly is crucial for any successful transition, ICMM tells Canadian consultation.

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Why Mining is Crucial for Sustainability

Rohitesh Dhawan joins 'Sustainability Decoded with Tim and Caitlin' to discuss how mining and the circular economy intersect, misconceptions about the mining industry, and increased demand for metals.

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Lessons From Disaster: Mining's Journey to a Safer Future

Tailings management must remain front of mind for the industry write ICMM's Rohitesh Dhawan and Aidan Davy.

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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: Six Ways the Mining Industry is Celebrating Indigenous Peoples

For International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples we are celebrating Indigenous Peoples and the building of relationships based on respect writes Danielle Martin, Director – Social Performance.

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