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Tailings management training needs to take a more holistic approach across key sustainability topics

ICMM members collaborated to produce the Tailings Management Good Practice Guide in 2021 and have now shared their expertise in creating new Training Material

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World Environment Day: Six Ways ICMM Members are Pioneering Environmental Good Practice

As we journey through the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, World Environment Day is an important reminder of how critical healthy ecosystems are for nature to thrive.

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Social Performance – Mission Critical

ICMM's Ro Dhawan speaks with Tom Palmer (Newmont, CEO) and Eduardo Bartolomeo (Vale, CEO) at BMO’s Global Metals and Mining conference on why social performance is mission critical for the industry.

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Always searching for better

Simply put, the ‘green’ version of almost anything means the use of more metals. But ICMM's new Strategy and Action Plan doesn’t see this as a license for industry to mine them at all costs.

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Corporate Water Reporting: Why corporate transparency on water is important

Water availability is a growing global challenge shared across countries, industry sectors and society, writes ICMM's Dawn Brock and Katie Osborne, and WWF's Alexis Morgan.

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A conversation with Christian Spano

We are delighted to welcome Christian Spano to ICMM as our new Director, Innovation.

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ICMM takes leading role in climate change guidance for industry

At the Energy and Mines World Congress 2021, Creamer Media's Mining Weekly reports on ICMM's Verónica Martínez's presentation on members' approach to net-zero Scope 1&2 GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner.

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The mine closure challenges for government and industry

Collaboration between industry, governments and communities is crucial to address challenges and maximise outcomes for communities and the environment, writes ICMM's Dawn Brock and IGF's Rob Stevens.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A burning platform for mining and host communities

The future of work is upon us, and with it has come changes to the way the work, the nature of work, perhaps even the value of work writes ICMM's Danielle Martin and Palladium's Will Upshur.

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What role can the mining industry play in the transition to a net zero emissions economy?

In an interview with Global Business Reports, ICMM CEO Ro Dhawan talks about how the mining sector is the backbone of the transition to a net zero emissions economy.

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The secret to transforming mining into sustainable development? Governance

ICMM CEO Ro Dhawan and EITI Executive Director Mark Robinson look at how to unlock social progress for millions of people around the world.

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Unleashing the power of mining as a transformational partner in development

For partnering to be most effective, organisations need to be institutionally optimised to work as partners, writes ICMM's Nicky Black and TPI's Darian Stibbe.

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"The industry can’t solve sustainable development challenges alone"

ICMM's Rohitesh Dhawan joins Daniel Litvin of Critical Resource for a conversation on the importance of collaboration, the limitations of ‘ESG’ frameworks, and mining’s transformative potential.

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Leadership matters

ICMM CEO Rohitesh Dhawan joins Åsa Borssén for a conversation on Highgrade Media's 'Natural Resources Podcast'.

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300-plus vehicle fleets assessed for cleaner, safer mine mobility in five regions

ICMM's Health & Safety Director Sarah Bell gives an update to Mining Weekly on the Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles initiative.

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Tailings storage facilities are with us for the long term, but must be responsibly managed

Discarded waste is a by-product of human existence. It provides archaeological insights into our past, but also practical and ethical dilemmas for our present and future, writes ICMM's Aidan Davy.

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Seven insights to help the mining industry prepare its workforce for the future

Advances in technology and economic uncertainty, exacerbated by Covid-19, are causing disruption to the jobs market, writes ICMM's Nicky Black and WEF's Jörgen Sandström for the World Economic Forum.

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Biodiversity Day 2021: The mining and metals industry must be part of the solution

Halting biodiversity loss requires a new and more collaborative approach that maximises businesses’ contributions, says ICMM's biodiversity lead Hafren Williams.

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Global forces shaping the future of mining and how to navigate them

Unpacking the forces influencing the future of the mining industry can help make sense of complexity, writes ICMM's Aidan Davy for the World Economic Forum.

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Protecting workers and local communities through effective critical control management 

ICMM's Sarah Bell, Director of Health, Safety and Product Stewardship, reflects on the past year for World Day for Health and Safety at Work 2021.

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