Good Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring good health and wellbeing is essential for sustainable development.

Over the last 15 years attempts to provide improved healthcare for all has led to some major achievements, including the halving of premature childhood deaths. But many challenges remain, and a disproportional percentage of those affected by such issues live in low and middle-income countries – where over 85 per cent of premature deaths caused by non-communicable diseases(NCDs) take place, as well as virtually all of the world’s neonatal deaths.

Major challenges also remain in terms of emotional well-being and quality of life. Mental health is increasingly being recognised as a priority in the global health agenda. Currently, 72 per cent of WHO member states have a stand-alone policy or plan for this long-neglected challenge.

It is critical, therefore, that technologies and solutions essential for tackling global health-related challenges and promoting greater quality of life become more accessible and affordable.

Focus Areas

Combatting diseases

Everyone has a fundamental right to appropriate health care, with access to medicine and vaccines – both crucial in combating diseases and improving lives.

Quality of life

Safeguarding people’s wellbeing and adopting a holistic view is a big step towards aligning global health agendas and sustainable development goals.

Maternal and child mortality

Reducing maternal and child mortality and ensuring health and wellbeing in women and children is essential for raising strong future generations.