Mining and Metals

Mining and metals are critically important to society.

Mined materials are used to construct basic infrastructure (eg the framework of buildings) and to generate power. They enable the production of existing green technologies such as electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines, and the development of new ones to address the urgency of climate change. They supply the luxury goods that many people enjoy. Crucially, mined materials also support the promotion of sustainable economic growth and the building of resilient and inclusive communities.

But societal recognition of this essential contribution depends, in part, on confidence that minerals and metals are produced responsibly and can be used safely. Our members are committed to ethical business practices that support sustainable development.

Focus Areas

Why We Need Mining

Nearly every mineral and metal in use today is the product of some form of mining. And demand is increasing.

Metals and Minerals

There are thought to be well over 4,000 different minerals, many of which contain metallic elements.

Contribution of Minerals and Metals

Minerals and metals are essential to almost all aspects of life, enabling healthcare, communications, and water and energy supply.