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Mining and metals

Mining and metals are critically important to society.

Mined materials are used to construct basic infrastructure (eg the framework of buildings) and to generate power. They enable the production of existing green technologies such as electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines, and the development of new ones to address the urgency of climate change. They supply the luxury goods that many people enjoy. Crucially, mined materials also support the promotion of sustainable economic growth and the building of resilient and inclusive communities.

But societal recognition of this essential contribution depends, in part, on confidence that minerals and metals are produced responsibly and can be used safely. Our members are committed to ethical business practices that support sustainable development.

Focus areas

Making a positive contribution to the SDGs

There is an expectation that the private sector can and should play a significant role in promoting and supporting the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About mining

Almost all the metals and minerals that we need for everyday life are mined from the earth’s crust.

Responsible production

It is vital that the industry mines and produces metals responsibly and seeks to ensure that resources used in the extraction and processing of minerals and metals are efficient and sustainable.

ICMM's Mining Principles

Supporting global goals