Position Statements

Since 2003, Position Statements have been developed to clearly articulate member commitments on a number of critical industry challenges. Position Statements are endorsed by the ICMM Council and include specific commitments that members must implement, alongside the Performance Expectations.

December 2019

Responding to the need for an urgent global response to the threat of climate change, across all areas of society and the economy.

Position Statement

January 2017

Promoting the use of water in ways that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial.

Position Statement

December 2016

Enhancing focus on the key governance elements necessary for maintaining the integrity of tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

Position Statement

May 2013

Building positive relationships between mining companies and Indigenous Peoples through respect, meaningful engagement and mutual benefit.

Position Statement

January 2010

Ensuring that investments enhance social and economic development locally and nationally.

Position Statement

July 2009

Promoting revenue transparency to enhance governance, combat corruption and foster sustainable growth.

Position Statement

February 2009

Promoting the responsible management of mercury down the value chain.

Position Statement

September 2003

Conserving designated protected areas for the preservation of ecosystems, habitats and species from damage and loss.

Position Statement


Assurance and validation processes reinforce our members' commitment to transparency, and ensure the credibility of reported progress on social and environmental performance.

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