What we are doing

Responsible management of the world's resources is key to enabling a sustainable future for us all. ICMM is committed to strengthening the social and environmental performance of the mining and metals industry to deliver the materials essential for societal progress in a responsible way. This includes the safe, healthy and cleaner production of these materials, which we aim to help address through our three focus areas: Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction, and vehicle safety.

Diesel particulate matter (DPM)

Almost all underground mining equipment is diesel-powered. DPM is a carcinogen, with exposure to elevated levels being linked to negative health effects. We are promoting operational and technical innovations to minimise the impacts of DPM by 2025.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

Climate change is a critical global challenge and the mining industry is currently a significant emitter of greenhouse gasses. We are promoting operational and technological innovations to enable mining operations to adopt GHG-free surface mining vehicles by 2040.

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Vehicle interaction

ICMM members commit to continually improve health and safety. They are determined to eliminate collision related fatalities in mining operations. We are promoting collision avoidance technology capable of eliminating fatalities from vehicle interactions to be available to mining companies by 2025. 

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