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Cleaner, Safer Vehicles

New technologies are transforming the mining and metals industry, making it cleaner and safer. ICMM’s Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) programme brings together 27 of the world’s leading mining companies and some of the best-known truck and mining equipment suppliers to collaborate in a non-competitive space for the accelerated development of a new generation of mining vehicles.

The initiative is CEO-led and aims to:

Focus areas

About the programme

The ICSV programme is a collaboration between leading mining and metals companies and equipment suppliers to accelerate investment in innovation for cleaner, safer vehicles.

What we are doing

ICMM is committed to strengthening the social and environmental performance of the mining and metals industry to deliver the materials essential for societal progress.

Knowledge Hub

In support of our ICSV programme, we have developed a series of ambition focused maturity frameworks with links to industry case studies and other technical documents.