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Tools for Social Performance

1 March 2022

How well mining and metals companies mitigate negative impacts from their activities and maximise positive benefits for local communities and society is increasingly important to all stakeholders.

Getting it right consistently across the sector, in order to build trusted relationships with impacted communities, will also be key to meeting the demand for the critical minerals necessary to drive the clean energy transition.

Intended Audience

The tools have been developed for non-social performance specialists working in mining companies and to support social performance specialists in influencing decision makers in their companies.


  • This series of short, accessible, and practical tools has been developed to support greater understanding of what social performance is, and the enablers required within organisations to deliver good, consistent social performance.
  • The tools distil practical insights from social practitioners gained over decades of experience supporting organisations to ‘build in’ rather than ‘bolt on’ the management of social risks and impacts.
    • A critical capability for mining and metals companies: Social performance is critical for mining companies to ensure the harmonious relationships with communities and stakeholders that enable the positive outcomes that are possible.  

    • Not well understood: However, social performance – what it is, what value it delivers and how to improve it – is not always consistently understood nor executed across the industry, nor has the industry always performed well in executing its social responsibilities.  

    • Tools to support understanding and performance: Informed by significant practitioner input, these tools bring together a depth of insight to build greater understanding of the enablers of good social performance. Companies need to have the right leadership, culture, systems, processes and capability. These tools support leaders, experts and non-experts to assess their organisation’s current state, and to enable the integration of social performance considerations into their decision making.

Individual Tools