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Partnering for our Common Future: Optimising Mining’s Partnering Capability to Contribute to Community Resilience and Thriving Societies

27 July 2021

In light of the Covid-19 crisis and as a means to deliver ICMM’s 15-year 'Skills for our Common Future' initiative, partnering was identified as key to realising the unique power of the industry in being able to positively impact communities while creating business value.

  • This resource sets out to support companies in understanding the potential of optimised partnering, and lays out how to undertake a diagnostic on the degree they are set up and operating to be institutionally ‘fit for partnering’.
  • The concepts laid out in the guide, including a self-assessment tool, have been designed and tested to help companies consider their current state and how it might improve, brought to life by practical examples.
  • Partnering for our Common Future brings together The Partnering Initiative’s cutting-edge thinking from beyond mining of what an organisation needs to do in practice to partner effectively and combines it with the latest thinking and sustainable development leadership from ICMM and its members.
  • The resource aims to help mining companies to understand the degree to which they are currently set up to be institutionally fit for partnering – ie having in place the right strategies, systems and processes, culture, capacity and networks to be able to partner effectively and better contribute to community resilience.
  • This guide builds on the deep and substantive work done by ICMM in Mining Partnerships for Development, which provided a structured process to generate ideas with partners through which mining's contribution to social and economic development could be enhanced.