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Stakeholder Research Toolkit

24 March 2015

The toolkit provides step-by-step guidelines for companies wanting to understand, measure and monitor key drivers of reputation among all stakeholder groups.

  • The Toolkit provides a methodology for companies seeking to work collaboratively with stakeholders to understand the key drivers of reputation, including:
    • How to develop and apply meaningful survey methods.
    • A set of common metrics, which can support the measurement and monitoring of reputation over time at local, national and global scales.
  • Measuring and managing company and industry reputation has a range of benefits, including:
    • Understanding and tracking issues that matter to company and industry stakeholders (including the communities that host these operations).
    • Using this knowledge to inform the development of strategies, initiatives and programs that are aligned with stakeholder needs or expectations.
    • Anticipating issues of concern before they escalate, and identifying strategic opportunities for engagement as they emerge.
    • Building trust and acceptance of mining companies with their communities and other stakeholders to support more sustainable and productive company–stakeholder interactions.
    • Demonstrating progress made against company and industry commitments and aspirations.
    • Enabling company-level data to be aggregated to provide a consistent understanding of industry reputation.
  • The Toolkit will be useful for community engagement, social performance, communications and external relations professionals and others within mining companies that have responsibility for examining and managing the relationship between the company and external stakeholder context.