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Maximizing Value: Guidance on Implementing Materials Stewardship in the Minerals and Metals Value Chain

11 October 2006

Materials Stewardship is the concept that ICMM has defined to embody the range of activities required for optimal and appropriate use of minerals and metals in society. Recognising that materials stewardship is an evolving concept that involves a variety of actors, this guidance does not prescribe specific activities for companies but rather a ‘menu’ of possible actions to select from.

  • This publication aims to assist ICMM members and others in understanding and implementing effective materials stewardship strategies while creating additional business value through identifying new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.
  • The implementation of materials stewardship requires:
    • Understanding the social, environmental, and economic impacts of materials as they move through the life cycle from mining to use and through to the end of their life.
    • Developing relationships with different stakeholders to assist and influence beneficial use of materials as well as the minimisation or elimination of risks to human health and the environment.
    • ICMM members to take action on appropriate stewardship activities for the part of the life cycle they directly control. For areas outside their direct control, they should work with other actors in the life cycle to support their efforts.