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Adapting the ICMM Tailings Management Good Practice Guide into Training Materials

15 February 2022

In May 2021, ICMM published Tailings Management: Good Practice Guide (the Guide), to provide mining companies with guidance on interpreting and implementing the Requirements of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (the Standard).

These training materials aim to build capacity within the wider industry, raise awareness at the mine site level – of why tailings management is important, and illustrate what good governance and engineering practices look like. They include a high-level summary for executives, as well as more detailed topics for operational staff. Comprising practical tools, group activities and facilitator notes they provide a truly interactive workshop.

This training material is an optional tool in an Operators toolbox, which can be customised to each company or site. ICMM feels that this can and should add value, but it is not intended to replace more detailed technical tailings training for engineers. Instead, this training is for anyone with a direct or indirect role in tailings management, from Accountable Executives to site-based staff (eg community engagement, procurement, environment, processing engineers etc).

Intended Audience

The training materials have been developed in slide pack format, specifically for tailings specialists who are familiar with the activities of their organisation/site to deliver. The target audience are site-based staff with a role in tailings management, but who are not themselves tailings specialists.  The materials can and should be customised to an individual site or company to add greater applicability to the audience.

ICMM hope the training material will be of great benefit to members, non-members, associations and academics in translating the content of the Guide into concise training modules suitable for a broad audience.

Further information on demonstrating conformance with the requirements of the Standard can be found in ICMM’s Conformance Protocols.

Editable Training Materials