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Key Performance Indicators: Tool for Closure

2 June 2020

This tool provides a set of key performance areas (KPA) and illustrative examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) to support implementation of good closure practices at an operational level.

  • An operation with clear closure objectives and related context-relevant indicators, against which performance can be measured are best placed to achieve their closure objectives.
    • Indicators should cover a ‘plan-do-check-act’ (PDCA) approach.
    • They should take into consideration outcomes relating to risks to the business as well as outcomes for society and the environment.
  • This tool doesn't prescribe what indicators should be, but instead provides illustrative examples for asset leaders, including application notes. These site-level measures may be aggregated to provide visibility at key decision-making points, centrally and at senior management level. Some suggestions for aggregated indicators are also shared.
  • This tool should be used in conjunction with ICMM’s Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide, which provides guidance on all aspects of closure planning and implementation.