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A Cross-sector Guide for Implementing the Mitigation Hierarchy

1 July 2015

This guide was developed by the Cross Sector Biodiversity Initiative (CSBI), a partnership between ICMM, IPIECA and the Equator Principles Association. It offers practical guidance on implementing the four stages of the mitigation hierarchy to work towards no-net-loss of biodiversity: avoid, minimise, restore and offset.

  • This is the core best practice approach for addressing producer biodiversity impacts.
  • The Guide:
    • Cleary defines the four steps of the mitigation hierarchy and their application within managing biodiversity throughout the life cycle of an extractive project.
    • Provides clear, systematic guidance for determining and demonstrating biodiversity loss or gain as a result of mitigation efforts, highlighting links to ecosystem services where available and appropriate.
    • Provides practical measures for predicting and verifying biodiversity conservation outcomes over time.
    • Offers insights into documenting and comparing costs and savings resulting from mitigation action or inaction.