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A Practical Guide to Catchment-Based Water Management for the Mining and Metals Industry

23 February 2015

This guidance outlines a comprehensive and systematic approach for identifying, evaluating and responding to catchment-based water related risks in line with ICMM’s water stewardship principles.

  • A catchment-based approach to managing water resources looks at activities and issues in the catchment as a whole. With the critical role that water plays in operations, metals and mining companies are aware of their responsibilities and interests in acting as effective water stewards; contributing to mitigate shared risks and addressing shared impacts at the catchment level.
  • This guide has been commissioned to support ICMM members and other interested industry stakeholders to:
    • Understand the relevance, risks and opportunities of a catchment-based approach to water risk management.
    • Support companies to define and deliver their own catchment-based water risk management strategies.
  • An online version of this guidance is available here.