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Water Stewardship Framework

1 April 2014

This Framework outlines a standardised approach to water stewardship for the mining and metals industry that recognises that water connects an operation to the surrounding landscape and communities.

  • ICMM’s Framework provides high-level guidance on the four key elements of responsible water management:
  • Proactive and inclusive engagement with other water users to understand their needs and priorities, share plans and collaborate on managing risks.
  • Transparent public reporting on water usage, material water risks and performance.
  • Collaborating with other water users to mitigate shared water risks and support equitable access.
  • Increasing efficiencies in the use of water (eg by maximising water recycling and reuse within mining operations).
  • Overall, this approach seeks to develop a holistic understanding of the needs, concerns and priorities of all water users across an entire catchment.