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Sociedad Nacional de Mineria Petroleo y Energia (SNMPE)
21 May 2024– 23 May 2024,
Lima, Peru

ICMM will be at the SIMPOSIO XV, organised by Sociedad Nacional de Mineria Petroleo y Energia (SNMPE), speaking on responsible mining, nature and putting people at the heart of the way we mine.

The SIMPOSIO brings together industry experts, government leaders and representatives of international organisations to discuss, with a critical and reflective approach, the challenges and possibilities of mining, strengthening Peru’s commitment to the production of minerals that are essential for a sustainable future.

Currently, Peru's role as a country in the production of minerals is essential for the success of the global energy transition.

This positions Peru, once again, as an important reservoir for the future of the planet and we must be up to the task of contributing to the objectives that the planet has for its survival in the coming years.

This SIMPOSIO XV Edition will pay special attention to the global importance of metals and their role as raw materials for clean energies and cities of the future.